Michelle K.

Great Experience considering the pain. Laura is very nice and makes the visits better than expected.

Ray M.

Very friendly staff, never have to wait in lobby. Always calls ahead to confirm appointment. Overall I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to have a tattoo removed.

Cody J.

Amazing customer service, fantastic results, would recommend to all of my friends and family.

Michelle D.

My laser treatment was fast and he was extremely informative! The only wish would be a spray so there was no pain! All the people here are wonderful and kind! I would recommend to anyone to receive treatments here!

Mitch D.

I was impressed with the unlimited treatments option for a low flat rate price. I’ve been pleased with the facilities and the professionalism of the staff. I’m very pleased overall!

Kathryn C.

I have considered removing my tattoo for years, but of course I had my concerns. How much would the process be, would I have scarring, would it be painful? After discovering the modest price of the procedure, I decided to go and get a consultation. The people were very friendly and answered all of my questions. I felt comfortable enough to go ahead & pay for my first treatment. Since then, I have been so happy with the whole process that I am considering doing more procedures with this company. They are five stars.

Jason E.

Friendly, professional staff. The tattoos are disappearing and I am satisfied with the treatments.

David H.

My treatments have been a great experience, everyone is extremely friendly, laser tech is very knowledgeable, he was able to answer any questions that I have had.

Michael H.

Laura is a top notch technician and the overall service at Calista is second to none. If you’re looking for tattoo or hair removal in the DFW area, there is nowhere better.

Andrea H.

I started in January, and have had 5 treatments. I can definitely see some fading. Icing the area first definitely helps and 3 Advil can’t hurt either. The pain always goes away after an hour and a half for me. It is painful, but it is working!

Will L.

After years of hiding my legs in social settings, I’m finally able to wear shorts without being self-conscience.

Lizzie P.

It's uncomfortable, but its quick and my tattoo is fading. Scheduling is always easy, flexible, and organized.

Jeff M.

My tattoo Removal treatments have been great! Laura is awesome and very knowledgeable & would highly recommend.

Ruben R.

Excellent experience and service. The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable! I’ve wanted my knuckle tattoos removed for years, and after 4 or 5 treatments they are almost complete. The prices are unbeatable and the process has been very simple with DFW Tattoo Removal. Thank you DFW Tattoo Removal!

Rodney D.

The staff is very knowledgeable & courteous! I had a very old, dark tattoo, and it has taken about a year to completely remove it, but the results are well worth the wait! Very happy with how it worked out, and it went exactly how they described the process.

Jason P.

Affordable and Easy process. Laura is Awesome! Pain level is tolerable and goes away quickly. All and all the process has gone by just like he described it. The ink has slowly but surely broken up and dissipated, and the skin looks great still.

Lisa K.

I am so very impressed with the tattoo removal they provided! I purchased the unlimited sessions and the results are looking great! I recommend Calista and DFW Tattoo Removal to anyone who is looking into these services.

Heath B.

Having a tattoo removed is anything but easy or painless, but the entire staff at DFW tattoo removal has made it a pleasurable experience! Whether it be their knowledge, efficiency, professionalism, or constant friendliness, DFW Tattoo Removal is a great place for your change to a happier person! Thank you guys/gals!

Randall W.

I have been coming to DFW Tattoo Removal for about a year now. The entire staff is always very friendly, especially Laura! She always asks about my personal life and remembers what kind of stuff is going on in my life! The process has been very easy and only takes a little bit of after care for a few days. The results so far look great and I am VERY happy with the results so far.

Lisa S.

I have been stuck with “Freddie” my ex’s name on my chest for the last 5 years! Luckily I found DFW Tattoo Removal and they gave me an incredible deal on the unlimited removals. The tattoo is about 90% gone and I am so grateful for the entire staff always being so sweet and understanding. Not to mention the complimentary microderm they gave me for their other services!

Holly R.

My tattoo was really dark and had bright colors, now it is significantly lighter and not as noticeable! The whole staff is so knowledgeable and friendly every time I come in. The process went just like they explained and has gradually faded away.

Cory W.

I Had 2 very large and very ugly tattoos on my back. I actually started looking forward to coming to DFW Tattoo Removal/Calista Skin & Laser because everyone there is so nice. Both of my tattoos are about 99% gone now and I am considering removing another one just so I can continue going in every 8 weeks. Thank you all so much!

Sam S.

I got a tattoo on my neck when I was 18…it seemed like a good idea at the time. However, as soon as my parents found out about it they immediately wanted me to get rid of it. Somehow I managed to delay the inevitable for about 6 years. Finally, I decided that it wasn’t the look that I wanted to portray either. It began effecting my job interviews, people would always turn their head to read it, or ask what it said. It was starting to become more embarrassing than something cool. Even though everyone my age has always LOVED it and said it was their favorite of my tattoos, they don’t have to live with it on a daily basis. So I finally decided it was time for it to go before it ended up having a drastic effect on my career or personal life. Definitely not the most pleasant feeling on the neck, but with a little ice and the cold air they use, it is tolerable. Thank you DFW Tattoo Removal.

Shannon B.

I have 2 horrible tattoos a friend did over 10 years ago. They are so embarrassing and I am so happy that they are almost unnoticeable. Definitely not the most pleasant procedure, but it is fast and the results are absolutely worth it. The whole staff makes it more pleasant as well!

Betty G.

Perfect! – Outstanding! They are great. The only place to come!!